Where are the circles?

  • September 9

Dr. Glen Whitney, founder of the National Museum of Mathematics in New York and walkSTEM advisor, notices the repeating motif of circles in the design of the Cathedral Guadeloupe. He highlights the intersection between geometry and architecture by making observations about the use of circles within circles and symmetrical arrangements in the traditional architecture of the church. Dr. Whitney illustrates for us that the math and STEM-related observations we can make about everyday places around... CONTINUE READING

What shapes are in the Geodome?

  • September 9

Elementary students in the after school club came up with ideas for a math walk around their campus. In this math walk stop, they explore the geodome structure on their playground through their math lens. Research conducted during this semester-long afterschool club led to this research paper: Wang, M., Walkington, C., & Dhingra, K. (2021). Facilitating Student-Created Math Walks, Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, 114(9), 670-676. Retrieved Sep 17, 2021, from... CONTINUE READING