Explore Earth Through a Mathematical Lens

The MathFinder app currently in development will be a powerful tool for informal STEM learning. It will gamify the process of experiencing and creating Math Walks, combining research-backed learning principles with an engaging storyline to get kids interested in the math concepts that are all around them.

How It Works

The MathFinder app is being developed with a focus on informal STEM learning. It will be used primarily in settings such as summer camps or after-school programs. Although it can be played alone, we anticipate it will most often be used in small groups with a parent or other adult leader.

The app will initially be configured with geolocation information for Math Walks at our nine partner sites in the Dallas area. We chose these sites for their ability to reach populations underserved in STEM, who will benefit from STEM experiences like MathFinder that are empowering, affirming, challenging, relevant, and culturally embedded.

In addition to providing app users with a meaningful and memorable learning experience, the MathFinder app will also serve as a research platform to explore and document best practices for informal STEM learning, particularly for place-based programs and user-generated content.

Why It Works

Relevant By defining math broadly to include patterns, geometry, ratio, scale, and estimation of quantity, MathFinder ties mathematical concepts to ideas and places that learners see around themselves every day.

Place-Based MathFinder engages learners and keeps their attention by mixing digital content with the physical environment to connect them to their surroundings.

Learner-Driven By using the research-backed idea of learners as problem-posers, MathFinder engages learners and inspires them to think deeply about the underlying concepts being taught.

Project Timeline