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Welcome to our dedicated section of resources for educators. The information on this page pertains to all talkSTEM’s online and in-person resources, including walkSTEM and MathFinder. MathFinder is a special category of walkSTEM resources, funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Join the growing professional network of educators using these free and creative resources designed to engage all children. Build talkSTEM communities interested in place-, phenomena-, and inquiry-based learning and teaching approaches within your districts/learning sites, connect with other educators, and be an ambassador for creative place-based learning of STEM.
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Create Your Own CUSTOMIZED Math AND STEM walk guides

Use our methods to create your own math or STEM walks. Your campus or choice of place, your questions, and our methods to make for a customized learning experience that brings STEM to life.
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We invite all parents, school and out-of-school educators, and children to search for videos and go places virtually based on interest and curricular topics. Search by place, topic, theme, TEKs, or any combination of these.
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Our Freely Accessible Educator Resources

The two programs organized by age range described above each incorporate several proprietary MathFinder resources. If you’d like to explore these resources outside the context of the learning kits, here are some brief descriptions and direct links.

Open-access MathFinder and walkSTEM Video Library

Explore our searchable archive of videos reflecting years of work developing programs that use place-based education to inspire youth interest in STEM. Find videos that can be used at one of our partner learning sites in Dallas, at your own location, or even to create your own place-based Math Walk.

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Interactive Video Viewing Guide

This free guide allows educators to convert the video-watching experience into an inquiry exercise and an enjoyable game. Engage your students by having them pose their own questions, make predictions, and collaborate with peers as they watch each video. Feel free to adapt this guide as you wish. We encourage educators to customize our resources to suit your students and context – always!

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Create Your Own Math Walk

A step-by-step guide to creating your own Math Walk. Gather students’ input so you can incorporate their ideas, suggestions, and voices to create an engaging and memorable Math Walk on your own campus.

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Create Your Own walkSTEM Tour

Foster STEM mindsets in your community by creating a walkSTEM tour. Our design frameworks, guides, and student worksheets provide everything you need, and the tours are compatible with after-school learning spaces, universities, museums, zoos, urban environments, corporate offices, and more.

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App-Guided Walking Tours

You can take a Math Walk yourself using your own mobile device. These tours are available for iOS, Android, and web, with integrated GPS mapping, directions, and regular contests.

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Math Reference Material for Educators

Slide decks focusing on the themes of scale, proportion, and quantity; geometry; and math patterns. Prepared by math education experts involved with the MathFinder project, these decks are designed to provide a quick understanding of these important umbrella concepts.

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Goodnight Dallas, walkSTEM Edition

This beautifully illustrated picture book introduces young learners to STEM concepts. Using the Shape Finder and Angle-A-Tron that accompany the book, students can explore mathematical concepts in a scaffolded manner that allows them to confidently gain gradual experience with lines, shapes, and angles.

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This printable version of the Shapefinder included with the Goodnight Dallas, walkSTEM Edition book helps young learners to identify and discuss a variety of common shapes. Instructions for using the Shapefinder are available in this video.

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This printable version of the Angle-A-Tron included with the Goodnight Dallas, walkSTEM Edition is a beginners’ protractor that introduces young learners to the concept of angles. Instructions for using the Angle-A-Tron are available in this video.

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Informational Flyer

A sharable flyer you can use to encourage your students, parents, faculty, and others to take advantage of our open-source resources.

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Her STEMlens

Visit the Her STEMlens VR exhibition on the ArtSteps platform, powered by Comerica Bank. This virtual gallery features photos and short videos from women and girls together with their STEM questions. Let them take you to their places right now! Games and supplementary activities are featured on the web page for educators to use with students.

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Educator Stories

Listen to the stories of fellow educators to learn how they implemented Math Walks and STEM Walks at their locations and hear about the reactions they have seen from young learners.

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