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MathFinder has been widely covered in the media, and our team members regularly deliver presentations and papers describing our work. We also produce a newsletter highlighting how our learning site partners use MathFinder. We encourage you to explore the links on this page for more details on all these topics.

MathFinder in the News

September 15, 2022

talkSTEM® Wins Math Power Prize!

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March 6, 2023

Investigating Problem-Posing During Math Walks in Informal Learning Spaces

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November 22, 2021

Finding Math Everywhere – SMU Magazine

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September 17, 2021

Facilitating Student-Created Math Walks

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July 20, 2021

Opinion: The Way Texas Teaches Math Just Doesn’t Add Up

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June 14, 2021

ICYMI: What’s New and Next in Dallas-Fort Worth Innovation Today

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October 26, 2020

talkSTEM® Fall Program Offers Engaging, Educational walkSTEM® Opportunities at Eight Noteworthy Dallas Spaces

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March 12, 2020

Take a Walk on the Science Side

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September 4, 2019

Personalizing Algebra for Kids

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April 15, 2019

Explore Mathematics During a Virtual Walk Through SMU With talkSTEM’s New Video Series

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November 1, 2016

Want To Teach Kids About Math And Science? Take A Stroll Through The Dallas Arts District

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Milton, S. & Sager, M. (June 2022)

Research Results Overview – Site Meeting June 2022. Presentation at Partner Site Meeting, Frontiers of Flight Museum. Dallas,…

Milton, S. (April 2022)

Student-Created Math Walks in Informal Learning Spaces. Poster presented at the 2022 Research Days Moody School of Graduate…

Milton, S., Copeland, M., Govan, T., Wade, R., Wilson, S., & Woods, S. (March 2022)

Place-based Learning: Building the Mathfinder Ecosystem across varied Informal Learning Spaces. Panel discussion at the 2022 Annual Meeting…

Copeland, M., Dhingra, K., & Govan, T. (January 2022)

Make a Math Walk – St. Philip’s School & Community Center. Dallas ISD STEM Virtual Expo.

Walkington, C., Wang, M., & Dhingra, K. (October 2021)

Research on math walks: Our journey. Caruth Institute of Engineering Education Research Talk Series. Southern Methodist University.

Walkington, C., Wang, M., & Dhingra, K. (April 2021)

Posing Math Problems About Our Community: Investigating the WalkSTEM Club. [Invited Poster Session]. Annual Meeting of the American…

Wang, M., & Walkington, C. (July 2020)

Investigating elementary school students’ STEM problem posing: The walkSTEM afterschool club. Paper presented at the 14th International Congress…

Walkington, C., Wilhelm, A., & Wang, W. (April 2018)

Finding mathematics in art, architecture, and landscape in urban areas: The walkSTEM movement. Paper presented at the 2018…

Articles & News

Walkington, C., Milton, S., Petrosino, A., Sager, M., & Dhingra, K. (2022)

Student-created math walks in informal learning spaces. In Chinn, C., Tan, E., Chan, C., & Kali, Y. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the Learning Sciences – ICLS 2022 (pp. 2006-2007). Hiroshima, Japan: International Society of the Learning…

Wang, M., Walkington, C., & Dhingra, K. (2021)

Facilitating Student-Created Math Walks, Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, 114(9), 670-676.

Using the Outdoors to Teach STEM (2019)

An engaging activity encourages students to explore math in everyday spaces like parks and school campuses.

Bringing Math To Life (2021)

The National Science Foundation has awarded a new $2.5 million grant to SMU math curriculum researcher Candace Walkington.