How tall could the tower be?

  • September 9

High school members of the Women in STEM club in Greenhill School stop at the playground on their math walk to share some math with the second graders. We have found a really big number of bricks in our pathway. How can we estimate how many there are? If we created a tower out of the bricks in the pathway, how tall would it be? We use number arrays and multiplication to find out. This content was made by community members from the Greenhill School - we invite all interested groups to reach out a... CONTINUE READING

Why is There a Gap in the Building’s Facade?

  • September 9

This building has a unique design element – there is a gap in the facade of the building. Why would there be one? In this video, which is geared for high school students and older, Dr. Glen Whitney, founder of the National Museum of Mathematics in New York and walkSTEM advisor, discusses temperature changes that we are used to, here in Dallas. He goes on to explore the mathematical relationship between change in temperature and the expansion factor of aluminum. Supplementary Activity Guides fo... CONTINUE READING