Which mass travels faster?

  • September 9

Ronald Kirk Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the Trinity River in Dallas, connecting downtown Dallas and West Dallas. It is over 2,000 feet long and 60 feet wide. At the Ronald Kirk Bridge, talkSTEM members, Michael and Mary, did an experiment to see which would travel down the Trinity River the fastest - the thicker or thinner stick. Make your hypothesis - would heavier or lighter mass travel faster? Watch the video to find out!... CONTINUE READING

How does geometry relate to the Campanile Windows?

  • September 9

The stained glass of Campanile Window, by Octavio Medellin, contains irregular quadrilaterals – four-sided shapes with sides of different lengths – interspersed with lines and triangles in varying angles. In combination, all these lines create a sort of linear perspective, mimicking the way images shrink and converge as they recede from a viewer. Despite being made of flat, static glass, those design elements give the piece a clever way to convey a sense of energy and motion that matches wel... CONTINUE READING