How Can We Calculate Pi?

  • September 9

Pi is a number describing the ratios various parts and measurements of circles have with each other, meaning we can calculate it from any measurable circle – including this sculpture, Sun Disc Triptych by Jesús Moroles. Join talkSTEM and UT Southwestern faculty and grad students as they explore the STEM concepts on their campus.... CONTINUE READING

Why is it Called the Flying Pancake?

  • September 9

The Flying Pancake is a fun name for a unique airplane that is no longer in use. We wonder as to why this aircraft was designed to have a flat wing-like body giving it such a large surface area? We explore this unique design and come to understand how this design met its goals but also came at a cost. Supplementary Activity Guides to extend student learning at the Frontiers of Flight Museum for K-12 grade levels are freely available here:... CONTINUE READING