How Did the Artist Make a 3D Parabolic Curve?

  • September 9

A high school student from Greenhill School looks at selected artworks at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art through the lens of Mathematics. What seems like a random and organic, but balanced shape actually has its origins in mathematics. Ronak shows us how this sculpture at the Museum of Geometric and MADI art is a product of graceful geometry. Note: the pen and paper example cited is actually a related geometric shape, the hyperbola. To learn more about the difference between a parabola and... CONTINUE READING

What’s the Area of Part of a Circle?

  • September 9

The bright colors and disconnected nature of this artwork by Joel Froment are just begging to be appreciated mathematically. Here, a Greenhill School high school student, tej, uses some "circular logic" to investigate area and circumference.... CONTINUE READING

How Many Lines Are There?

  • September 9

How many line segments did artist Charles Bezie have to paint to create this artwork? Greenhill School student Ronak uses mathematical patterns to quickly arrive at the answer.... CONTINUE READING