Experience the World of Math Around Us

Our videos reflect years of work developing programs that use place-based education to inspire youth interest in STEM. Whether you have access to one of our partner learning sites in Dallas, are looking for learning resources that could relate to you no matter where you are located, or want to create your own place-based Math Walk, we have a video for you.

Using the Videos

1. Anywhere You Are Our videos use everyday places to teach basic STEM principles in an engaging and memorable way. Sort by topic to find the walkSTEM videos that will interest your learners and watch them anywhere.

2. In Dallas Our videos were created at our partner learning sites across Dallas. While these videos can be used for stand-alone learning, they are also an outstanding tool for use in conjunction with an in-person visit to the appropriate learning site.

3. Build Your Own Math Walk The future launch of the MathFinder app will make it easy for educators or parents to create custom Math Walks. In the meantime, we have videos that can help you use existing technology to create unique, place-based math learning opportunities in your community. We invite you to use this quick guide to Create Your Own Math Walk, grounded in the Create Your Own walkSTEM guide, developed by the talkSTEM nonprofit, a partner in the MathFinder project. Let us know if we can answer any questions or assist.

We invite all educators and children to search for videos based upon their interests. You can search by place, by math topic, by other themes, or any combination of these. Enjoy!
Visit this page on talkSTEM.org to access guidance on creating math walks at your site right now.

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How can we figure out the amount of mulch needed for this playground?

The Playground at Voice of Hope Ministries

What is the most efficient way to prep food in this industrial kitchen?

The Community Kitchen at Voice of Hope Ministries

How can we use math to measure this basketball court in units we can relate to?

The Basketball Court at Voice of Hope Ministries

How does the size of our soccer field compare to a full-size regulation one?

The Field at Voice of Hope Ministries