See the Math and STEM Embedded in the Real World

Our videos reflect years of work developing programs that use place-based education to inspire youth interest in Math and STEM. Take a virtual Math, STEM, or STEAM (the “A” is for Arts) walk using our open-access video library, anywhere you are. Use the filters to explore and find the videos that match your curiosity or your curricular topic. These videos are suited for classrooms, out of school learning programs, families and children at home, or on the go using your mobile device. All our videos are inquiry-based and we hope that watching them inspires children to see the math and STEM that is alive all around them and to pose their own questions about their environments.

We invite all educators and children to search for videos based upon their interests. You can search by place, by math topic, by other themes, or any combination of these. Enjoy!
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How can we figure out the amount of mulch needed for this playground?

The Playground at Voice of Hope Ministries

How does the size of our soccer field compare to a full-size regulation one?

The Field at Voice of Hope Ministries

How can we use math to measure this basketball court in units we can relate to?

The Basketball Court at Voice of Hope Ministries

What is the most efficient way to prep food in this industrial kitchen?

The Community Kitchen at Voice of Hope Ministries